Ritual Fine Foods

Ritual Fine Foods

Ritual Fine Foods was developed by James Beard award-winning cookbook author Sarah Owens, who honors the cyclical nature of our lives through seasonal, celebratory, or traditional foods with contemporary interpretation. Fermentation techniques are coupled with heirloom or modern ingredients bred with integrity to increase flavor, digestibility, and nutritional benefit of unique baked goods and preserves!

Sarah Owens is leading Zoom workshops until the world heals itself and will reasses in-person opportunities when and where appropriate hopefully soon! If you are interested in receiving new recipes, short-format videos, long-format instructional videos, and personalized coaching, please consider becoming a supporter through Patreon. 

Please visit our Events page to sign up for this month's sourdough bread baking workshops, or to register for Bundled Workshop discounts. All workshops are recorded and sent as a link afterwards but otherwise take place live at 4pm Pacific Time and last between 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Past workshops are available to purchase as a recorded link.

August 26th - Breakfast Brioche Buns

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