Scoring Sourdough Breads Workshop

Scoring Sourdough Breads Workshop

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This workshop can now be purchased as a recording of the live Zoom. You will receive an email within 24 to 48 hours of receipt that includes the link to rewatch along with a scoring tip sheet. Please add and to your contacts list to avoid communication landing in your spam folder. For any questions, please email

In this workshop, learn the considerations of how to shape and score sourdough breads. We will discuss how shaping tension and oven spring affect scoring outcomes and how to adapt your technique to accommodate a dough's anticipated performance. Sarah demonstrates scoring and baking 6 loaves of various shapes and formulas in a home oven using a ceramic Dutch oven and a Challenger bread ware pan. While the loaves are baking, she also demonstrates how to shape dough to achieve your desired oven spring and scoring result, including coating the loaves in seeds. Techniques will include simple scoring marks to achieve the coveted 'ear', applying a stencil before scoring, using scissors to make a 'hedge-hog' shape, and also more intricate scoring patterns using a double-sided naked razor blade or lame. 

Please note, the workshop uses recipes published in Sourdough, Toast and Jam, and Heirloom cookbooks using stone ground, freshly milled flours only.  

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