Whole Grains, Flours, and Legumes

Below is a list of mills to purchase retail or mail order flour and whole grains. Emphasis on stone ground milling, identity-preserved heritage grains, and regional modern grains. Organic and rotational growing practices are often used for ecosystems management, maximum nutritional density, and flour flavor. Keep scrolling for article links giving context to modern and heirloom grains. 


The following abbreviated list is continuously expanding with awareness and the growing support for organic flour milled with integrity. Check with your local food cooperative or green market for the best sources in your area.

Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo

United States in alphabetical order of state:

To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co., Fitzpatrick, Alabama
Organic sprouted whole grains, legumes, flours, and other products for baking including many gluten-free options. 

Barrio Bread, Tucson, Arizona
Regionally grown grains, flours, and flour blends with a focus on heritage and/or water-wise selections suitable to the desert climate. 

Hayden Flour Mills Phoenix, Arizona
A family business devoted to making the freshest and most flavorful flours from some of the world's oldest varieties of wheat, corn, farro, durum, and chickpeas grown by small Arizona farmers.

Ramona Farms, Sacatan, Arizona
Traditions and foods of the Akimel O'Odham (Gila River peoples) and Tohono O'Odham (Desert peoples) including heritage corn, heirloom durum, Sonoran, and Pima club wheats, and delicious tepary beans. 

Alma Semillera, San Francisco, California
Excellent online resource for ingredients dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of Mesoamerican foodways. A focus on precolonial and heirloom grain, corn, beans, and masa harina.

Capay Mills, Rumsey, California
David Kaisel, founders, farmer, and miller, is bringing back the forgotten qualities and nutritional advantages of freshly milled flour in Northern California. 

Central Milling, Logan, Richmond, and Collinston, Utah; and Petaluma, California
Employee-owned-and-operated mill working with farmers to grow sustainable grains with exceptional flavor, nutrient content, color, and tested baking performance. 

Community Grains, Oakland, California
Whole-grain products grown with integrity and whole-milled to preserve the essential nutrients and robust flavors lost to industrial milling.  

Grist and Toll, Los Angeles, California
LA's first urban flour mill in more than 100 years dedicated to stone grinding wheat, corn, barley, and alternative grains such as teff, buckwheat, and oats. 

Honoré Farm and Mill, Marin County, California
Grows and sources dry-farmed heirloom wheat varietals such as Sonora, Red Fife, and Turkey Red without the use of pesticides. Stone-milled flour is sold as a nonprofit business model dedicated to the education and service of the Honoré community. 

Kandarian Organic Farms, Los Osos, California
Heritage flours, whole grains (including Khorasan, spelt, and nude oats), seeds, and legumes. 

New York Bakers, San Diego, California
Founded by Stanley Ginsberg, an incredible resource of specialty rye blends among other products for bakers. 

The Mill, San Francisco, California
A bakery and mill dedicated to naturally leavened, whole-grain deliciousness.

Roan Mills Farm and Mill, Sun Valley, California
Stone milled, identity-preserved heritage wheat available for sale at their bakery or farmer's markets in the Los Angeles area. 

The Mill at Janie's Farm, Ashkum, Illinois
Certified organic, whole kernel (stone-milled) flours and grains for home bakers and wholesale. An extension of Janie's Farm, growing organic grains for over 15 years.

Louismill, Louisville, Kentucky
Stone-ground organic wheat and rice flours and grits supporting local farmers through personal relationships and dedicated partnerships. 

Maine Grains, Skowhegan, Maine
A gristmill featuring traditional stone milling operating from a repurposed historic county jail house in Central Maine. Locally sourced, organic, and heritage grains.

The Buckwheat Project, Fort Kent, Maine
Mills tartary buckwheat flour for preparation of a crepe called "Ployes," a recipe based on one created by French Acadian exiles who settled in Northern Maine.

Migrash Farm, Randallstown, Maryland
Small-batch, stone-milled flours grown locally and organically in the Chesapeake Bay region on family farms. 

Ground Up Grain, Hadley, Massachusetts
Family-owned stone ground mill dedicated to building and supporting a local grain-based economy as part of a sustainable and resilient food system. 

One Mighty Mill, Lynn, Massachusetts 
Locally grown and stone milled flour offering an alternative to industrial food ways in the greater northeast area. Sifted bread and whole grain flours available for mail order or pick-up. 

Upinngil, Gill, Massachusetts 
Growers of wheat, rye, and buckwheat in rotation with forage and row crops. Available as whole grains or freshly milled flour in their farm store.  

Baker's Field Flour, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Stone-milled whole and high-extraction flours from organic (or transitioning) grain sourced locally in the Upper Midwest. 

Sunrise Flour Mill, North Branch, Minnesota
Organic, heritage wheat flours.

Montana Flour and Grain, Fort Benton, Montana
Organic and conventional flours, whole grains, and pulses. Sole U.S. agent of Kamut brand wheat, an organic spring wheat with ancient origins. 

Wheat Montana, Three Forks, Montana
Sustainably grown wheat flours including 'Rouge de Bordeaux,' milled with a steel-cut process using minimal heat and no tempering. 

Morganics Family Farm, Hillsborough, New Jersey
A family farm dedicated to the revitalization of the local grain shed, providing organically grown, sun-dried oats and dry beans.

Farmer Ground Flour via Cayuga Pure Organics, Brooktondale, New York
A farmer and miller cooperative business that stone mills organic grain harvested in the Finger Lakes region of New York. 

Greenmarket Regional Grains Project, Brooklyn, New York
A Northeast regional collective of growers and millers providing heirloom and conventional whole grains, legumes, and freshly stone ground flours. Wholesale pricing available.

Wild Hive Community Grains Project, Clinton Corners, New York
Stone-ground heritage grains in small batches dedicated to creating high-quality grain products from the region where they are grown. 

Carolina Ground, Asheville, North Carolina
Female-owned and run mill shipping products grown regionally with fine attention to quality and freshness. Linking the farmer, miller, and baker together with cold stone-milled flour of regional distinction province, and quality.

Farm and Sparrow, Mars Hill, North Carolina
Bringing together ancient landrace, organic seed with craft milling. 

Lindley Mills, Graham, North Carolina
A family-owned milling operation that roller mills organic wheat with low-heat processes to maintain multi nutritional integrity as much as possible. Stone-ground grits, sprouted wheat, and North Carolina bread flour are their specialty products. Kosher approved. 

Stutzman Farms, Millersburg, Ohio
Phone: 330.674.1289
Family-owned farm providing organically grown granolas, flours, and sprouted grains. 

Camas Country Mill, Junction City, Oregon
Committed to building a strong, sustainable, and vibrant regional grain economy, the mill is the natural extension of the Hunton family's third-generation farm.

Lonesome Whistle Farms, Junction City, Oregon
A farm that specializes in growing, milling, and processing organic heirloom corn and grains. 

Castle Valley Mill, Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Stone ground flours, meals, cleaned whole berry grains, and grain mixes.  Processed slowly and at cool temperatures on antique buhr mills, the flavor, nutrients, and wholesome goodness of the grain is preserved, and produces exceptional quality foods.  When able, local Bucks County grains are used.

Anson Mills, Columbia, South Carolina
An incredible resource of heirloom grains, flours, seeds, and legumes shipped with astute attention to quality and freshness. Founder and visionary Glenn Roberts works with growers to bring back ingredients of the pre-Civil War larder, making near-extinct varieties of heirloom corn, rice, and wheat available to chefs and home cooks alike.

Geechie Boy Mill, Edisto Island, South Carolina
Heirloom corn is used in the antique gristmills which preserve the natural oils and flavors of the corn resulting in the most flavorful grits, capturing a piece of Southern history for generations to come. 

Barton Springs Mill, Austin, Texas
Organic stone-milled heirloom and landrace grain, many of which were grown in Texas in the early 1900s. Milled on demand for wholesale and retail customers. 

Nitty Gritty Grain Co., Shelburne and Charlotte, Vermont
A small family-owned, certified-organic farm that mills and mixes cornmeal, cornmeal mixes, and flours.

Wade's Mill, Raphine, Virginia
Family-owned and operated, oldest, continuously operating commercial grist mill in Virginia that has been stone-grinding grains in the traditional way since 1750.

Blue Bird Grain Farms, Winthrop, Washington
Certified organic ancient grains, fresh-milled flour, and whole-grain handcrafted blends.

Cairnspring Mills, Burlington, Washington
Reinventing the local flour mill and reestablishing a vibrant, local food economy. By milling identity-preserved wheat, grown in the Pacific Northwest, fresh stoneground flour is produced with superior flavor, nutrition, and baking properties for artisan bakers, chefs, and food professionals.

Finnriver Farm and Cidery, Chimacum Valley, Washington
5th generation grain farming family growing and milling modern and heritage varieties of organic grains and flours on the Olympic Peninsula. 

Palouse Heritage, Endicott, Washington
Landrace grains originally grown by fur traders and early settlers of the Pacific Northwest and Colonial American Farmers. Grown with sustainable practices for the sake of environmental preservation and restoration. 

Anarchy Acres, Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin
Heritage wheat grown and stone milled on their farm using organic practices. 

Great River Milling, Arcadia, Wisconsin
Organic, milled-to-order stone-ground flours grown and harvested with dedication to building and maintaining soil integrity. Kosher approved.

Meadowlark Organics, Ridgeway, Wisconsin
Growing and milling small grains and specialty food crops on a diversified, certified organic farm in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin.


Daybreak Mill, Saskatchewan, Canada
Farming organically since 1892. Einkorn, durum, spelt, rye, kamut, and many more coveted grains and dry goods. 

Eat Grain, Vancouver, British Colombia
Farm-direct Canadian dry goods including whole wheat berries, farro, quinoa, lentils, and chick peas to make the hummus of your dreams.

1847 Stone Milling, Fergus, Ontario
Locally grown, organic, stone ground, whole grain and sifted bread and pastry flours.


Ost Gourmet Orgánicos

Siembra lo Bueno


Shipton Mill
A wide range of both stone ground and roller-milled flours of modern and heritage varieties of wheat with free delivery on £30 or more.

Heirloom and Landrace Information

The Evolution of Wheat 
A cereal genomic study that although a bit dry, sums up the history of einkorn, emmer, durum, and spelt. 

Whole Grain Connection
A non-profit wheat seed resource for California organic growers. An incredible repository of information on 12 heirloom varieties. Historical reference as well as general cultural requirements for growing. Written by Monica and Gene Spiller.

Polish and Poulard Wheats
Published in 1923, this U.S. Department of Agriculture Farmer's Bulletin describes both types of wheat, giving historical context to their origin, productivity, and value. 

Mesquite in Mexico: The Renaissance of an Ancestral Staple Crop in a Time of Climate Change