Introduction to Wholegrain Baking
Introduction to Wholegrain Baking
Introduction to Wholegrain Baking
Introduction to Wholegrain Baking
Introduction to Wholegrain Baking
Introduction to Wholegrain Baking
Introduction to Wholegrain Baking
Introduction to Wholegrain Baking

Introduction to Wholegrain Baking

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October 28 - December 9, 2023
All workshops are scheduled for Saturdays at 2pm PDT, 5pm EST
Most workshops last between 2 and 3 hours, depending upon the number of questions asked. All workshops are recorded and sent to enrolled participants within 24 hours. 

This introductory series is the first of two and is highly recommended before considering the Advanced Wholegrain Baking Course. This course includes six workshops over seven weeks. Please read the description carefully before making a purchase and note the dates in your calendar after making a purchase. 

Are you an experienced or beginning baker interested in incorporating more whole grains into your repertoire? Have you always wanted to know more about using heirloom wheats, modern wheats, pseudo-cereals, and ancient grains for rich flavor, improved digestibility, and increased nutrition?

This interactive virtual course is designed to give you a foundational understanding of various wheats, their performance and flavors, and how to ferment and bake with them as wholegrain flour, especially in combination with other types of non-wheat grains and flours. Each of the six virtual workshops will be precluded by handouts to help you embrace the joys and idiosyncrasies of regional whole grain baking. The workshops and recipes are developed with North American stoneground regional flours but with some modifications, the information can be applied to other sources.

These foundational recipes are exercises meant to explore the unique textures, performance, and flavors of whole grains as the star ingredient in seasonal bakes. Additionally, you will receive a link to schedule a personal one-on-one 30 minute consultation with Sarah at any time during the course's duration to help you troubleshoot or answer any questions.

Space is limited. The content listed below may be slightly modified to the group's experience level after an intake form is completed. This is an intensive course that is hosted through Zoom and a community platform moderated by Sarah called Circle where the handouts and recipes are hosted. You are required to use these platforms to access and complete the course. Participation in all six workshops is highly encouraged but each will be recorded and sent as a link to rewatch afterward for reference. Recordings will not be available for sale. To be added to the waiting list, please email and we will contact you when the next course becomes available. 

October 28, 2023
Part I: Stoneground Flour and Sourdough Starter

We will begin by categorizing and discussing the many grains and seeds that will be the focus of this course based upon their intended use in breads and pastries. Emphasis will be upon:

  • Sourcing, home milling, and storing whole grain flours.
  • Creating and maintaining a wholegrain sourdough starter for making breads, cakes, cookies, and more!
  • Creating a fermentation schedule that works with your lifestyle.
  • Fermenting with whole grains.
  • Adapting to the variations that are inherent in using regional flours with a focus on ingredients commonly available from North American stone mills.

    November 4, 2023
    Part II: Wholegrain Cakes, Cookies, and Crusts

    This workshop will revolve around techniques for using wholegrain flours in both easy, straightforward mix-and-bake pastry recipes as well as their fermented counterparts. We will build upon knowledge from Part I by discussing flour substitutions and adaptations using recipes that are perfectly timed for the holidays. Demonstrations and discussion will revolve around:

    • Soft wheats suitable for pastry flour.
    • Wholegrain Coffee Cake and variations. 
    • Wholegrain Chocolate Chip Cookie and flour and sourdough variations.
    • Wholegrain Pie Crust with flour, sourdough, and savory filling variations.

      November 11, 2023
      Part III: Sourdough Flatbreads 

      One of the best ways to develop an appreciation for wholegrain flours and their performance is through using them to make easy flatbreads with an endless assortment of seasonal variations! Demonstrations and discussion will revolve around:

      • Protein quality and gluten formation in flour.
      • Wholegrain focaccia-style breads with flour and topping variations.
      • Wholegrain pizza dough and various styles of baking.

        November 18, 2023
        Part IV: Naturally Leavened Pan Loaves

        As your experience with various whole grains grows, it is time to graduate into using single varieties and combinations of whole grains in naturally-leaved breads for slicing. With the support of a baking pan, we will build confidence in working with high-hydration wheat and low or no-gluten doughs. Demonstrations and discussion will revolve around:

        • Gluten and gel forming flours.
        • Expectations for using heirloom and ancient grains in pan loaves.
        • Dough formulas and adjusting leaven to control outcomes.
        • Combining various whole grain flours to adjust oven spring and crumb structure.
        • 100% single variety breads. 
        • Shaping high-hydration doughs.
        • Scoring (or lack thereof!) and baking. 

        December 2, 2023
        Part IV: Naturally Leavened Hearth Loaves

        Unlike with pan loaves, hearth loaves depend upon the strength and structure of gluten containing flours to provide loft and height to a loaf with pleasing oven spring. Demonstrations and discussion will revolve around:

        • The terroir and performance of heirloom and modern wheats.
        • How to combine strong or high-gluten whole wheat flours with non or low-gluten flours to achieve your desired results.
        • Shaping high-hydration doughs.
        • Scoring and baking. 

        December 9, 2023
        Part V: Bread Dough Inclusions

        Sourdough breads are a canvas for incorporating other ingredients including nuts, seeds, fruit, and vegetables. This session will focus on how to approach incorporating inclusions and what adjustments need to be made when doing so. Demonstrations and discussion will revolve around:

        • Toasting and/or presoaking nuts and seeds.
        • Incorporating dried fruit.
        • Incorporating roasted vegetables, olives, preserved lemon, herbs, etc.
        • Developing dough strength.
        • Adjusting hydration of dough to accommodate inclusions.
        • Shaping, scoring, and baking with inclusions. 

        Space is limited. No refunds or credits. Please read carefully before making a purchase.

        Introduction to Wholegrain Baking
        Introduction to Wholegrain Baking
        Introduction to Wholegrain Baking
        Introduction to Wholegrain Baking
        Introduction to Wholegrain Baking
        Introduction to Wholegrain Baking