Salted Brown Butter and Rosemary Cookies and Ziba Foods Surprise Pack!

Salted Brown Butter and Rosemary Cookies and Ziba Foods Surprise Pack!

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Shipping Monday August 12 , 2019 

These addictive, wholegrain herbal cookies are made with 100% spelt flour, brown butter, black sesame, toasted baby Pishori pistachios, and salted sweet apricot kernels for a flavor you will not soon forget! Each box contains 6 large cookies gift wrapped in tissue paper and baker's twine. Also included in this shipment is a surprise 150 g packet of heirloom toasted nuts or dried fruits from Ziba Foods, a socially conscious company striving to rebuild the agricultural economy of Afghanistan and its premium heritage foods. Examples include Shakhurabi Almonds, Afghan Roasted and Salted Bamyan Sweet Baby Apricot Kernels, Hindu Kush Mulberries, or Sun-dried Kandahar Figs. 

All proceeds from the sales of this shipment will be donated to the fundraiser for expanding the baking program of the Sadalsuud Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Lebanon. In 2017, Sarah Owens helped establish the bakery by training refugee women to craft beautiful naturally leavened bread. The bakery has grown and is now ready for its next phase of expansion in Beirut where even more economic opportunity awaits through the building of a brick-and-mortar retail shop. Emphasis of the baking program includes working with Lebanese farmers to grow heirloom grains appropriate to the country's climate for milling fresh, oil-rich flours used in breads, pastries, and savory baked goods. 

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Ingredients: organic whole spelt flour, organic sugar, organic brown butter, eggs, pistachios, sweet apricot kernels, rye sourdough culture, vanilla extract, almond extract, cinnamon, rosemary, salt