Greenwood Heights Bread Subscription

Greenwood Heights Bread Subscription

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5 Weeks of Sourdough Bread
Delivered to Greenwood Heights CSA Only
August 3-August 31, 2019

Naturally-leavened sourdough breads made with stoneground organic flours sourced regionally and baked boldly. If you order more than one subscription, you will receive up to two different flavors each week. These breads are made with slow fermentation practices over the course of three days for maximum flavor and digestibility with an emphasis on whole grains, flavor, and texture. 

The weekly selection varies according to seasonal availability. Examples of breads you may receive:
Polenta Pepita (hearth-style sourdough made with heritage polenta cooked in milk, toasted pumpkin seeds, and a smidgen of black pepper)
Sprouted Blue Emmer (a pullman loaf made with ancient 100% whole blue emmer flour, sprouted black barley berries, and black sesame seeds - perfect sliced thinly for open-faced tartines)
Cheesey Goodness (either a combination of Jarlsberg and dill or cheddar and paprika)
Chocolate Stout (made with rye and spelt flours, hydrated with stout beer and sorghum syrup, and chunks of dark chocolate)
Porridge Loaf (this pullman style loaf is made with a fermented porridge such as oats, millet, or sorghum, slightly sweetened with honey or maple syrup - a beautifully hearty everyday slice)

No substitutions, no refunds.
Made in a facility that uses wheat, nuts, seeds, dairy, and eggs.