Greenwood Heights Pastry Subscription

Greenwood Heights Pastry Subscription

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5 Weeks of Naturally Fermented Pastries!
Delivered to Greenwood Heights CSA Only
June 22-July 20, 2019

Each share will come with 4-6 servings of wholesome, naturally fermented sweet or savory treats. Ingredients are based on seasonal availability with an emphasis on alternative sweeteners, organic wholegrains, and digestibility but with an indulgent streak. 

Examples of pastries you may receive:
Chocolate Chip Cardamom Sourdough Cookies
Made with whole spelt flour, dark chocolate wafers, unrefined cane sugar, and Diaspora Co. ground cardamom. These freeze well for future nibbling. Servings: 6 large cookies
Mini Fruit Galettes 
Whole grain, naturally fermented pastry dough filled with lightly sweetened seasonal fruits such as cherries, blueberries, and/or peaches paired with fresh herbs such as lemon thyme, basil, or rosemary. Servings: 4 personal galettes
Brown Butter Zucchini Bread with Mexican Cacao Nibs
Nutty, slightly bitter, a little sweet, and very aromatic, this whole grain breakfast bread is delicious with a strong cup of coffee eaten al fresco on a warm summer morning. 
Green Garlic Gougeres 
Made with green garlic and sharp cheese, these custardy, light, and savory choux are delicious eaten the same day or lightly reheated the following day. Servings: 6 large choux pastries 
Kale, Mushroom, and Parmesan Sourdough Scones
Packed with inclusions, these are excellent for snacking or splitting and toasting with a pat of salted butter. Servings: 5 scones
Babka Buns
Enriched naturally-leavened dough made with a sweet (chocolate and/or homemade jam) or savory (homemade nut pesto and cheese) filling. Best eaten the same day. Servings: 5

No substitutions, no refunds.
Made in a facility that uses wheat, nuts, seeds, dairy, and eggs.